Wife Just Gave Birth To 6th Baby, Then Dad Looks Down And Starts Screaming

Children are really gifts from God. They are bundles of joy, and sometimes, it’s the more the merrier. Couples get so excited to welcome new life into the world. After all, kids symbolize their unions, and remind them of the love and joy they share together. These days, most people choose not to have many kids like they did in the past. But every once in awhile, couples do get some big surprises!

These days, most parents don’t wait until their child is born to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. Ultrasounds are taken at various stages of pregnancy to see how the baby is doing, and it can show if the baby is a boy or girl. This makes it easier for the parents to plan their nursery and other things properly. Even if mom and dad don’t want to know the gender, they’re usually very happy with just a healthy child.

The parents in the following video were in for a huge surprise. This video was taken right in the delivery room. The father was filming as well as being filmed the whole time. The couple had just delivered five baby girls—now that is quite a bountiful blessing. But something surprising happened as she delivered the final baby. The dad looked down and realized that the last baby was a boy!

After having five baby girls, getting a baby boy must have completed the picture for this couple. The dad was so happy that he had to take a moment to sit down! Check out this emotional video below:

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