Linda Koebner was a 23-year-old grad student when she had the chance to do something truly amazing. The times were different then; there were not many laws to protect animals from experiments. One day, a group of laboratory chimpanzees was going to be freed after six long years. The poor chimps were scared since they had been living in tiny metal boxes for such a long time. But Linda was going to make them accustomed to the wild. She was going to act as their surrogate mom.

Linda looked after two of the apes for four years. They were called Doll and Swing. After they were ready, they were sent back to their natural habitat. Linda didn’t see them for a long time. But she had the chance to visit them after 18 years. She thought they wouldn’t remember her. She had no idea about how they would react. But all her worries were for naught! You are going to tear up when you see this reunion!

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