This Man Beats Up Woman in a Park – Watch How Passersby Just Ignore It

It’s heartbreaking to see the statistics regarding violence against women. One in four women will face abuse in their lifetime from someone close to them. It’s not nice that they have to face it every day in the streets—they are catcalled and even sexually harassed while simply walking down the street. Family and loved ones are supposed to be a safe haven for them, but sometimes they can be the biggest predators.

For instance, every 20 minutes, someone is abused by their partner. That means thousands of people have to suffer in silence every day. Abuse is a touchy topic, for the victim to speak about as well as for those planning to intervene. Most people turn a blind eye towards it because they don’t want to be involved in something that seems like a private matter between two people.

The following video shows a social experiment conducted to see how people would react if they saw a woman being abused in public by her partner. And the results were shocking to see the least. While the woman was being abused in broad daylight at a park, many people simply ignored it and moved on. They did notice the scene, but chose not to intervene. Out of the 20 people that passed by the actors, only four of them stepped in to do the right thing.

This experiment shows the perception people have towards domestic violence. They might think it’s not the right thing, but still are afraid to intervene in others’ business. Hopefully, this video will help shed light on the situation and help them make the right decisions. Check out the full experiment below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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