Woman With A Streak Of Bad Luck Got An Unexpected Surprise From A Compassionate Judge

A woman that keeps getting parking tickets couldn’t afford to pay them and was now summoned in court for her dues. Apparently, her son was recently killed last year as she explained in court, and from then on the series of unfortunate events that keep on happening to her just continue to get worse. As she now owes $400 for parking tickets alone, in addition to that of her other debts– she tells her story of misfortune to the judge hoping for nothing more than a little bit of understanding.

As she went on with her tale of tragedy, she couldn’t help but cry while recounting all the things that led to her to owe such an amount of money. The elderly judge listening attentively, questions the woman from time to time, then shares her his sympathy on behalf of everyone present in the courtroom. As an elderly judge, he surely encountered a lot of good people with similar cases such as this and decided to do something for this poor weeping woman in front of him.

The woman was shocked with amazement when the judge said that he’ll consider her case and would be reducing the charge from $400 down to $50 and asked when will she be able to settle her payment. Apparently, the woman had more than the said amount on her and said she’ll be paying today, leaving herself with only $50 left. The judge as compassionate as he is, simply won’t allow it—he finally decides to dismiss the case to help the woman so she could start afresh.

Watch the video of the judge’s genuine gesture below, to see that there are still kind and compassionate people out there willing to help those who are in need.

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