Woman tries to steal drone lying it almost killed her

At times, people can be caught off guard with their actions. This is what exactly happened to this lady. She tried to act too smart and steal a crash-landed FPV drone. It all happened at a designated RC airfield where the drones are allowed to be flown.
The owner was flying his FPV. This is when the flying machine lost its RSSI and the props stopped spinning. Hence, it crashed on the ground. At this instant, a woman who was walking her dog saw the drone crash land. Although she was more than 100-feet away, she exclaims that the drone would have hit her had she been slightly closer.

Then she gets near the drone, picks it up and puts it in her jacket and tries to walk away. She was oblivious of the fact that her actions were being recorded on its GoPro camera! Meanwhile, tracking its signal, the owner reaches the place and seeing the ‘woman with an unnatural bulge’
He understood the whole situation. When he asks the woman to return the drone, at first she refuses and later threatens him of calling the cops. Finally, the argument becomes hysterical.

Anyway, when the cops arrived, she had to take it out from her jacket. The owner explains the situation to the cops and after a patient hearing; the cops decide to hand over the drone to its rightful owner.

The cops were quite balanced and logical in their approach and understood that the owner was right as he was flying it at a designated place. It only shows that there are people like the woman who would only try to create unnecessary hurdles for people who like to practice their hobby.

Watch the video for yourself and see how the lady gets caught by her actions as she was completely unaware that the drone camera was recording everything.

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