Have you ever thought, looking at your grandparents or parents, how did they live their life when younger? We’re all used to seeing them living a normal life, working a regular job. And there we wonder if they ever did something for fun when they were younger.

But this woman will change the way you view your parents or grandparents. You wouldn’t believe that your mom would start playing guitar on a store out of nowhere, would you? But Paula Jo Taylor shocks everyone with her guitar skills.

woman jams on guitar

The red-haired woman steps inside a guitar shop and starts playing an electric guitar. She is impressed by the quality of the guitar and shows off her perfect skill. And all the other customers at the shop is very much impressed with her talent. They all cheer for her when she ends her jam session.

It turns out, Paula is a professional musician. She plays in a band with her daughter, The Taylors Duo. She is a lead guitarist in the band, and she is undoubtedly amazing. WATCH the incredible jam session below.

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