Couples Card Gets Repeatedly Declined With Cart Full of Kids Presents So This Stranger Intrudes

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It is not every day that a kind stranger saves the day. Especially when it comes to money, people are often hesitant while offering help.

However, this is not the case for Joyce Hargrave Felton. This kind of woman is from Mississippi. The woman along with Ben Hendley saw a couple bring gifts for their kids to the counter at Walmart in Texas. The couple seemed pretty embarrassed when their cards kept denying time and again.

Both the husband and wife did not have enough money on their card to pay for the expensive stuff in their cart. Thankfully, along with the couple and Ben Hendley was Joyce. Joyce offered to help the couple pay for their expensive gift. The couple did not want her to pay but Joyce insisted on doing something that she easily and happily could.

Ben and Joyce both shared this amazing story on their social media later on. With rare coincidence, this is Joyce’s license plate!

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