Dog Lies Shivering on the Floor in Pouring Rain. But Then This Woman Steps Up With Help

These days, it’s really hard to find people that genuinely care about animals. Sure we feel bad about their wretched condition, but there are very few people who would step up and help change that. And this woman is the proof these kinds of caretakers still exists.

A woman in Turkey was leaving a store. It was raining outside, which made the weather very chilly. As soon as she stepped out of the store, she could see a dog lying by the door. The cold weather and the rain had the dog shivering. And no one did anything to help the dog. So she decided to give him a little warmth.

woman gives dog her scarf

The woman tried walking away, but her heart wouldn’t let her do that. She stood there for a while, glaring at the shivering dog. Then she remembered she has something in her bag.

The woman then took out a warm scarf from her bag. She kept her umbrella aside and covered the shivering dog with the scarf. The dog looked at her and slept in comfort after getting wrapped in the scarf. WATCH the incredible act of kindness below.

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