Lion, Tiger and Bear Were Rescued as Cubs and Became Best Friends for Life

We’ve seen pretty unusual friendships in the animal kingdom in the past. From a crow and dog besties to donkey and sheep. But it is highly unlikely that three of the wildest beasts could ever develop a strong bond. However, the friendship story of a tiger, a lion, and a bear will put you in awe.

In 2001, animal control saved three animal cubs in the basement of a drug dealer in Atlanta. Sher Khan, a Bengal tiger, Leo, an African lion, and Baloo, a black bear, were rescued by the authorities.

tiger lion bear best friends

All three animals were in critical condition. Leo had a cut across his face, Baloo had a wound in his skin due to the tight harness, and Sher Khan was extremely malnourished. It was difficult for them to return to the wild, so, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary decided to keep them right there.

Ever since the three were brought together, these animals developed an exceptional bond within each other. And today, after 15 years, even though they’re all grown up, they are best friends. They do everything together, like playing, showering, and grooming. WATCH the incredible story of this unusual friendship below.

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