Poor wolf got himself stuck in a trap, but this brave man makes a heroic rescue

Humans are the most advanced and intelligent species on the planet, but this hasn’t been the best thing for the planet. In their greed, humans have not cared much about the environment. For instance, human activities has led to global warming, and the effects can be seen everywhere. The climate and weather patterns are becoming more erratic and unusual. Ocean levels are rising and threatening many island nations. Humans have also encroached into the natural habitat of many animals and this has had some adverse effects on them.

For example, rain forests are being cut down to make way for palm plantations for oil. This has driven many species to extinction. Many areas that humans now live in overlaps with animal habitats, and this causes problems for both the species. The man in this video also lived in such an area where wild animals are abundant. He had set traps around his property for coyotes, but a timber wolf had gotten himself stuck in it instead.

The man filmed the whole process of freeing the wolf. Dealing with wild animals is always tricky, and you can never be too careful with them. The man got a big board set up between himself and the wolf, and got to work freeing the poor guy. Naturally, the wolf was very anxious and jumpy. It took a little work, but the wolf fled away as soon as his paw was released. Thankfully, he didn’t seem hurt and quickly made his way into the woods.

When people set out traps like that, they should be more careful. Any sort of animal can get itself trapped like this. Let’s hope this video inspires people to find a better way to deal with wild animals. Check out this incredible footage below:

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