Giant Humpback Whale Protects Woman from Tiger Shark

If you’ve ever wondered just how smart the world’s largest mammals are, here’s a video that will give you the answer. This humpback whale does something most humans would have a hard time doing on their own.

Biologist Nan Hauser was swimming in the ocean when suddenly a giant humpback whale swam up and refused to leave her side. The more she tried to get away, the more intent the whale was at “herding” her in a specific direction.

Needless to say, Nan was scared–after all the whale was hundreds of times bigger than her and could easily drown or crush her. For over 10 minutes she tried in vain to get away from the whale but it kept coming back, putting its eye next to her and making other gestures she knew were unusual.

It was only when when the whale had pushed her all the way back to her boat did Nan realize what was happening. A deadly tiger shark was nearby and the whale was positioning himself between her and that predator, gently but firmly guiding her to safety.

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