Playful Dad Engages 4-week-old Baby in a Conversation About Crying

Dads are the best people that a baby could hang out with. Dads love their babies more than anyone and anything.

This video is proof that a baby feels the most comfort and happiness when it is with its dad. This baby loves it when its dad talks to it. The little one is surprised by what the dad is saying. This dad is simply so playful and fun to be with. Even an adult would have a great time with someone as enthusiastic and positive as this dad.

You will be surprised by how attentive the little one is. You will also love the way the baby looks at the dad. This father must be very proud of himself for grabbing his baby’s attention. The baby and daddy duo is definitely one of the best ones I have ever seen on the internet.

This video is simply too wholesome. Watch the full video below!

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