Vince Gill Grabs Hearts With Beautiful Rendition of “Go Rest High on That Mountain”

Vince Gill was very famous in the 90s with his amazing songs and exceptional vocals. However, he is back with a fresh rendition of his song “Go rest high on that mountain”.

The singer seems to have improved with time. He puts his heart into singing this song as it means a lot to him. Vince recorded this song 28 years ago in 1993. Whatsoever, this song sounds fresh and even better than his old songs. We must admit the fact that Vince’s vocal has gotten better with the years.

This singer sings in unison with guitar and piano. The instruments make this song sound like a breath of fresh air in today’s generation. The music legend has really blessed the world with by far one of the best renditions of all time.

Every music lover must at least once listen to this amazing song. Watch the full video below!

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