Dumb Robbers Try to Steal This Tv – Their Hilarious Fail Made My Day!

It takes months or even years to plan a perfect heist. But what if your ultimate thieving plan goes downhill? Well, a bunch of robbers experiences something like that. So, this guy decides to make a video about their hilarious “oopsie” with fantastic commentary.

The video opens with a group of robbers trying to get the TV out of the wall. Little did they know that they have installed the TV professionally, and it’s impossible to get it out. The three of them try their luck with the TV, but all fail miserably. They just couldn’t get this “strong” TV-out, and they run away. It honestly feels like a scene from the movie ‘Home Alone.’ Now another clip shows a man with a mask. He breaks the glass, but oh no, the alarm goes on. But he manages to get up and run away at full speed. However, the video after that is probably the most hilarious one. When the guy tries to threaten the lady in the counter, his gun spirals, and guess where it lands? On the other side of the desk! He can’t even jump over the table, so he just runs away. Just look at him fly, kick the door, and running away with all his might.

Which of the following video clip did you find to be the most hysterical one? These ridiculous videos are a treat during sad times.

Watch this video below: 

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