Pianist Starts Playing “Nothing Else Matters”, But His Version Is Unlike Anything You’ve Heard

As we know, Metallica is one of the most influential metal bands of our generation. Although their specialty is singing heavy metal songs, they tried their hand on ballad as well. So, let’s talk about their beautiful and powerful ballad that the world has ever seen. “Nothing Else Matter” is one of the greatest songs in the history of times. And this legendary song rightfully earns a spot of being a perfect ballad classic.

And this version of the song is just as extraordinary. William Joseph is an international pianist and composer. He tries his hand on this emotional song so that he can touch new generations of music lovers. His music communicates to us in a wholesome way, and we feel the love and pain as he plays along. He plays like nothing else matters, and we honestly can’t get enough of his sweet symphony.

Joseph feels the rain as he starts singing as they make it rain indoors for him. Because of that, he can capture the emotional aspect of the song even more deeply. You can feel the sorrowful message behind his music, and it honestly feels great being a part of this heartfelt song. It’s genuinely a version unlike anything else you have ever heard!

Watch this video below: 

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