Houston Man Turns a Treadmill Walk into Accidentally Viral Treadmill Dance

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Most of us have used a treadmill and so we know it takes a little getting used to. Here’s a guy that’s more than gotten used to his: he’s mastered a dance routine using the treadmill and when he accidentally posted a public video of it, he garnered 50 million views!

In an episode of The Ellen’s Show, Ellen Degeneres invited Carson Dean from Houston, Texas. This man is so skillful and you’ll be amazed this guy can possibly do. Carson said he developed the moves to add a little difficulty to his workout.

Carson says he never meant to post his now-famous video for everyone to see on Facebook. When he posted it, he thought he set the audience to “Followers Only” but instead accidentally set it to “Public.” When he woke up the next morning, he saw it had 3 million views and he knew he’d used the wrong setting.

The audience really could not stop cheering and we know exactly why so. Watch the full video below!

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