5-Yr-Old Braves Snow to Surprise Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day – So Adorable

I think most of us remember our first love. Well here’s a five-year-old who goes all out for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and I’m pretty sure she won’t ever forget this no matter how long she lives.

This young boy, Anthony, is clearly out to impress: he’s in a suit, carries a bouquet of flowers and a toy under his arm. He obviously wants his girlfriend, Lila, to know she’s special. And he makes the trip in the snow–you can’t get any more dedicated than that!

Even when Dad gives him the third degree–“Who are you?,” Dad says–and the dog won’t quit barking, Anthony stays focused, gives Lila the presents and steps back like a perfect gentleman.

Thankfully for Anthony, Lila is very appreciative. Not only does she say thank you, she gives him a hug! I’m sure that made his day, as well as turning this into a Valentine’s memory he won’t forget!

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