Teen’s small gesture of kindness has some unexpected results for him

When you’re a teenager, you start working for your own allowance. Working can help teach teens more about responsibility and saving for college. That is exactly what Travis was doing while working at Freddy’s. He wanted to go to nursing school and was saving up for that dream. But Travis got the biggest surprise of his life one day while working behind the counter.

A little boy came to him with some change. Freddy’s is famous for their frozen custard, and the boy wanted some of it as well. He seemed very nervous and didn’t know if he had enough money to pay for his treat. As it turned out, he was a few dollars short. But instead of making a fuss, Travis did something wonderful for him. He paid for the treat with his own card.

The kind action didn’t go unnoticed. The boy’s mother was very surprised and happy with the kind gesture. On their way out, the little boy passed him a note. He thanked him for the treat and had some kind words for him. But what surprised Travis the most was a hundred dollar bill stuck to the bottom of the message. A single kind action repaid itself back manifold for this generous teen!

Check out the full video below:
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