Tourists Get The Surprise Of Their Lives When They Go To See Humpback Whales, Spot Rare Albino Instead!

Whales are the largest mammals in the world. And they’re a sea creature! This fact makes them fascinating to tourists who travel far and wide to lay sight on the animal in real life. And one of the top destinations for whale-watching is Australia. Moreover, you only get to see them if you are lucky. But when these people went hoping to see atleast a humpback whale or two, they got to experience an even rarer moment!

Albinism is a condition where a lack of pigmentation leaves the eyes, hair, and, most noticeably, the skin. Although it is rare, you can see albino animals all over the animal kingdom. And this includes the large cetaceans. There were only two records of spotting all-white humpback whales off the east coast of Australia. And this recent spotting makes it the third!

albino whale

The first-ever albino whale that people saw was Migaloo in 1991. Since then, people have been in the look-out for the rarest of the rare. Fortunately, they found the second who scientists believe may be the child of Migaloo himself! And there is a high possibility that Chalkie, the third albino humpback whale, may also be the famous creature’s offspring! Watch the video of the spotting below:

How lucky! The tourists sure got more than they bargained for.

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