Tourist Comes Face-to-face With Curious Cheetah, Holds His Breath To Save His Life!

Some people love living on the edge. That’s when they resort to risky activities like wildlife safaris, adventure sports, etc. Anything to get their blood pumping, eh? But what if your experience gets even wilder than you expected it to be?

The video features an American tourist, Britton Hayes from Seattle who was enjoying a safari ride in Tanzania. However, soon an unexpected companion joined him for the ride. The cheetah jumped onto the backseat of the jeep and curiously peeped all over the vehicle. Poor Hayes looks lifeless as he tries to stay as still as possible till the cheetah leaves. But things only got worse when another cheetah hopped onto the hood.

WATCH Hayes struggling to stay calm in this life-and-death situation. He could only pray that the cheetahs were not hungry at the moment!

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