Horrific camera footage shows how this little kid fell off a train platform and it is disturbing

Some incidents scare us out of our wits, and to think of it gives us goosebumps. And many-a-times, these incidents are unavoidable, and if we don’t use our brains fast enough, maybe it becomes too late. Fortunately for this little boy, his day wasn’t as bad as it would’ve been if no one had noticed.

Bone-Chilling footage of a train station in Sydney, Australia, shows a little boy falling off the platform. Usually, there is a foot-long gap between the train and the platform. And while entering or getting off, the station clerks suggest passengers watch their step. But it seems like this little kid wasn’t paying much attention to what’s in front of him.

child falls on train station

As he tries to get into the train, the kid doesn’t give much thought and falls right into the gap. The foot-long gap is big enough for little kids like him to fall into. There are incidents in the past where grown-ups have also fallen into the hole.

Fortunately, the kid wasn’t harmed. The mother and other passengers quickly noticed him falling off the platform. And in seconds, they were able to rescue the child.

WATCH the horrifying video below.

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