Man Sleeps Peacefully in Room Full of Cheetahs – Until Something Wakes Them Up…

Suppose you were sleeping in a room full of cheetahs (I know, but just suppose) and things were going well until suddenly, something wakes up one of them. Well, what happens next is probably not what you’re expecting.

Dolph Volker is a wildlife enthusiast who has a YouTube channel and runs a show called Wild Animals Up Close. He regularly hangs out with animals that most of us would never even get inside the same yard, much less the same room.

In this video, Dolph is sleeping with a room full of female cheetahs, which is quite unusual because even though male cheetahs socialize in the wild, female cheetahs are solitary. But this is captivity and Dolph says the females may collect into groups, assuming they are able to work out the proper social hierarchy.

In the video, has Dolph has bedded down with these cheetahs, one suddenly hears a noise in the night. You might think this could be a problem for Dolph, but amazingly what happens is he calls the cheetah over and she cuddles with him!

Not only that, but all three cheetahs eventually end up cuddling next to him–none wants to be left out of the little lovefest!  Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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