Choir Begins Singing Toto’s “Africa”, But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Their Fingers

Music is just magical. When the whole world seems to be against you, it one of the things that can really make you feel good. There are many gifted artists we see today, but the older eras in music certainly had a lot to offer They were truly exceptional! Even after all these years, they can still make us feel so many things and bring back a lot of nostalgia.

If you love classic songs, this video here is going to be a real treat for you. The video below shows a cover of Toto’s “Africa”. It was performed by the Angel City Chorale, a non-profit community choir based in Los Angeles, California. The choir aims to entertain as well as do good work for its city through music, donations, and volunteering. Their unique spin on it is amazing.

“Africa” was originally performed by the American rock band Toto back in the 80s. This particular unique and haunting rendition of the classic by Angel City Chorale has been winning everyone’s hearts recently. Their take on the classic is going to blow your mind. Sue Fink, the artistic director, led the choir on. It features soloists Rich Kennedy, Tommy Lamb, Tina Mitro, and Duff Watrous.

This has to be one of the best renditions of the song ever!

Check out this stunning video below:

[ytvid id=”-c9-poC5HGw”]

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