Poor Beagle Surrendered to High-kill Shelter as Family Takes New Dog on Vacation

This is Toots. This adorable beagle is having the worst time in her life, thanks to her cruel family.
She was adopted from Hawaii by the same family 6 years go. But they surrendered the friendly pup to go on vacation for several weeks.

On Saturday, Toots was taken to the high kill San Bernardino City Animal Shelter. Her photo shows just how scared and out-of-place she felt.

“Today I saw the most selfish of humans! Going on vacation in a week or so giving up their family member Toots who they adopted six years ago in Hawaii”, said animal advocate and shelter volunteer Andrea Neyses. But that wasn’t the whole story.


They refused to take Toots, but they got a new dog to take on the trip with them. Talk about unfair!

How can anyone look into a dog’s eyes, realize they are their whole world, and still turn their back on them? Is that how one pays for the loyalty that dogs give?

Toots is described as a six-year-old female, spayed Beagle mix. She needs to find a new home and try to forget the betrayal that her owners did on her.

Sadly, such cases are nothing new. Animals are abandoned every single day by their so-called owners. They don’t think twice about abandoning the animal if they cause the slightest bit of inconvenience on them. This is just horrible. Toots’ case is made even sadder by the fact that the family actually adopted her. They gave her so much hope, only to shatter it in the end.

Look at just how nervous she was as she was being surrendered:

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