It’s Difficult Being a Big Dog Sometimes, but Other Times Their Hysterical Antics Will Leave You in Splits

Dogs are man’s best friend, and have been for centuries now. They are perhaps the most loyal and loving companions we can have. Some might argue that cats are better, or other pets are easier to take care of, but nothing beats the warm love that a dog provides. Having one in your home is said to make you live longer and actually have lower chances of getting heart disease!

These trusty critters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It’s amazing to see that they are all descendants of wolves. But over the years, selective breeding has created a huge variety of breeds among dogs. The tiny pug shares the same DNA as the giant Newfoundland dog, and that’s pretty amazing. While most people get scared when they see a big dog, they should remember that such dogs are actually the biggest softies at heart.

This video below shows a compilation of big dogs doing some of the most hilarious antics. Big dogs are usually quite clueless about their size and some even try to be lapdogs! There are a some dogs in this video who cuddle on their owner’s laps, while others play along gently with smaller animals without doing them any harm. They have a way of creeping into your heart!

After watching this, even the ones that don’t like dogs might want to get one!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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