Talent shows like The Voice can be incredibly fun to follow. Moreover, because it is a live show, the reactions and opinions of the judges are as real as we see on television. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see all things happening behind the scene as the live audience members do. However, this moment of Tom Jones singing was too precious not to show the whole world!

Jones has been working in the music industry for about 55 years. Furthermore, the singer who has sold over 100 million albums has sung everything between pop and gospel. The baritone has even been knighted for his incredible achievements. “It’s Not Unusual” was the song that got the Welsh singer to hit the top charts in the United States, and it was even #1 on the UK charts. So, when fellow judge Olly Murs began humming the song, Tom Jones couldn’t resist the urge!

tom jones surprise

Olly Murs is sitting right next to the 79-year-old while making an impression of him. And it is spot on! That’s when the audience starts clapping and cheering for Jones! Moreover, the band plays the song, and Olly Murs takes the lead. Soon enough, the artist joins him and sings the famous song, which leaves another judge, Jennifer Hudson, in shock. Further, it turns into a full-blown concert from the judge!

Watch the impromptu performance below:

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