For many parents having kids becomes a medical obstacle down the road. Hence, many choose adoption, Mandi and Tyler Palmer share a similar context. After years and years of trying the couple came in terms of not being able to bear children.

Mandi has a serious case of Crohn’s disease, which made it difficult for the couple to conceive children of their own.

Keeping in mind the need for foster parents Palmer’s family decided to consider a different avenue “Adoption.” In order to become the parents fit for the process, the couple joined classes. After a week Mandi and Tyler earned their license as foster-to-adopt parents.

However, the adoption process only starts after the foster child to be adopted stays with the parent for a year. Days turned into weeks and weeks to months, finally, a year passed. On the day of the court hearing, the family and close friends gathered to witness the process.

The clip below captures the heartwarming moment for Mandi and Tyler Palmer and their new son. As the judge announces the new legal name for Hunter( foster child). The family was reading the adoption decree as Hunter looked at Tyler and utter the most amazing word redefining the whole moment. Please press and enjoy the video, I couldn’t stop my tears of joy for the new family. Kindly share your blessing with the Palmer family.

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