Toddler Throws Adorable Tantrum When Mom Forgets To Give Him A Kiss Goodbye

Kids aren’t that hard to amuse. They might have a lot of questions and curiosity inside their heads. But they still get pleased pretty easily. And if they’re peased easily, they also get upset over little things pretty fast.

So when this mother forgot to give her son a goodbye kiss, all hell broke loose in this household. Diana Simos was in a rush to get back to her work. So she picked her son from his soccer practice and dropped him off at home. And when she left, she did without giving her son a goodbye kiss.

kid complaing

It made her son very upset. He was used to his mother, kissing him goodbyes all the time. So, when she left without the smooch, he couldn’t hold his anger. He complains to his father what his mother did.

The dad also plays along very well, trying to interpret what his son says. The son keeps mumbling about how he didn’t get a kiss from his mom while the dad keeps encouraging him.

WATCH the video to see how cutely the boy expresses his frustrations.

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