Toddler With Physical Disability Gets Banned From Preschool Because She Might “Scare Other Kids”

All parents want is for their children to grow up safe and happy. However, the world isn’t always as pleasant as we hope it would be. Unfortunately, two-year-old Sofya Zakharova has already tasted discrimination in the hands of full-grown adults. A nursery school banned the little girl from coming there.

The village school did this all because of a physical disability that Sofya had since birth. The toddler has a condition that caused deformity to her skull along with fused fingers and toes. Despite the physical appearance, she’s an intelligent and sweet girl. However, the nursery in Bashkortostan, Russia, where the family lives, told the parents that Sofya would scare the other kids there.


Furthermore, the school gave a condition to the parents, which would allow admission for the tot— if she has cosmetic surgery. But Sofya’s parents lived in an apartment with no water or gas. They would not be able to afford the expensive surgery. Luckily, Rainbow Goodness, a local charity, saw the family’s plight. They threatened the nursery with legal action based on discrimination and are also working towards rehousing the family. Hopefully, Sofya will get justice and be able to go to any school she wants. Watch the details of the ordeal below:

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