Toddler Gives Her Mother Advice After Hearing Parents Fight, It’s Just Adorable

There’s nothing more distressing as hearing your parents fight as a kid. The poor girl in the video shares the same fate. She listens to her parents, arguing, and she decides she has had enough. So, she sat her mother down and gave her some advice. You won’t believe the wisdom she has to share. Young girl knows exactly how to handle the situation in a mature way.

The little girl goes on to say, ‘Try not to keep everything high, I want everything to be low.’ And it’s one the cutest and smartest word of advice from a young child. She further clarifies herself by saying she’s not trying to mean, and she just wants everyone to be friends. Aww, bless her heart. But when she says ‘I’m trying to do my best in my heart,’ I couldn’t hold back my tears.

Who knew a little girl like her could become an excellent marriage counselor. Let’s remember that she is not trying to be “mean.” She is just trying to be steady on the floor! The parents better not be monsters for this little kid’s sake. This cute girl just wants everyone to be a person. Can we all settle down for her? How can we deny her precious request? Watch this video down below:

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