Timelapse Video Shows How Much Dogs Move In Their Sleep

If you are a pet owner of a pampered furball you must have sacrificed your sleep one day or the other. My husky loves to take the entire bed for his sleep. I’ve had countless nights where I’ve woken up on his mid-night bathroom schedules, his paws on my mouth, and some constant howls. And if you are like me, this next clip will hit you close to home.

Mike and Stacy lovingly opened their home and their welcoming heart to an 8-month-old pup, and named him Bruno. Bruno is really fun-loving and happy pup. But when the sun goes down, the trouble rises.
timelapse-video dog sleep

The puppy parents learned shortly after taking their new pet home that they wouldn’t be getting any decent sleep for a long time. Bruno was a terrible sleeper to have. It appeared that he had difficulty establishing a regular nighttime routine. The entire family’s sleep was disrupted by Bruno’s attempts to find a comfortable position at night.

Mike and Stacy made the joint decision to use time-lapse photography to get a better look at how the puppy fussed at night. What was quite astonishing were the results. It seemed as though Bruno would spend the whole night attempting to find a good place to lie down. Watch the full clip here:

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