Man Makes A Legendary Catch After Stranger Drops Phone On Roller Coaster

Who does not love a good old ride in a rollercoaster? Children, as well as adults, are found visiting amusement parks to experience this thrilling ride. Some do it for the adrenaline rush while others want to be a little more adventurous.

The man in the video is prepared to take a spin with a smile on his face. Little did he know, along with this great adventure, he will also show signs of having a superhuman reflex. The superhero, Samuel Kempf, manages to grab a phone in mid-air. His ability to catch something at a distance of about 83mph is genuinely commendable.

So, what made Samuel react this way? He saw the man, who was a couple of row in front of him, drop his phone. His instincts quickly told him to leap forward and grab the phone in mid-air. Even he was surprised as he did something near to impossible. Once the ride was over, Samuel immediately gave the phone back to its rightful owner. The owner did not expect that he would see his phone again, and with a surprise, he gave Samuel a big hug.

Samuel became a sensation as people wanted to talk about the superhero that exists among us. He is receiving a lot of recognition in social media sites. A once in a lifetime catch which can even question the biggest cricket teams. Can they catch a ball in midway in the same manner? I guess not.

We look forward to more of his super abilities which may be out of our imagination or expectation.

WATCH this video below:

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