She Was Abusing Her Dog In The Public — Until This Lady Teaches Her A Lesson

Dogs represent 65% of all documented animal cruelty cases. They take the lead on animal abuse with some specific breeds of dogs are more abused than others. For instance, 1 out of 4 abused dogs is Pit Bulls. In some countries, like the UK, Pit Bulls is banned to prevent animal cruelty, as well as the notoriously terrible Pit Bull attacks on humans.

In this viral video by MattTV (Megan Santos and Matthew Bandiera) created a prank of abusing a dog (a stuff dog toy) and wanted to see how people react if they see a dog being verbally abused.

Three persons were pranked. Megan walks in front of the first persons while verbally abusing the dog toy in her bag. The first person wasn’t pleased with it. She advised her to reconsider melting out positive treatment on the poor animal. The second person took it more personal. The looks on his face show that he is hurt by Megan’s action. The third person didn’t take it likely with Megan. She stood up while she saw Megan calling the dog stupid. She confronted her with harsh words.

Dogs are to be protected and not abused although, they can be annoying sometimes. Verbal or physical abuse on dogs only increases anxiety and brings about other negative effects on the dog’s physical and psychological well-being.

If you treat your dog as a part of your family, you wouldn’t be pleased to see Megan treatment in this video.

Spread the word. Create awareness. Help a dog.