Police Dog Was Lost For 7 Days, Can’t Contain His Excitement After Handler Finally Finds Him

There is nothing worse than losing a pet. You can’t know if they are ok or not, and the uncertainly just adds to the pain. A police dog from New Zealand went missing during a search and rescue exercise in the Tararua Ranges. Thankfully, the resilient dog survived for a week on his own in the mountains. Thames, a three-year-old German shepherd, spent seven days and nights alone. Thankfully, he was found. He couldn’t control his excitement after seeing his handler again.

After finally tracking him down, Thames was reunited with his handler, Constable Mike Wakefield. A six-person rescue team had been sent out to look for him. They found a fresh paw print in the mud and were able to track him down. Though police dogs are trained remain calm in all situations, Thames couldn’t help but jump on his handler and shower him with kisses. He must have been really relieved!

Wakefield was just as relieved. He had to actually restrain and hold back Thames a bit after finally reuniting, as the dog almost knocked him over! Thames had gone a little skinny because of his ordeal, but everything is going to be fine now. He was happy to make the four-mile hike to go back to his home. Let’s hope this pooch doesn’t get into any other predicament like this in the future!

Check out the emotional video below:

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