The Tenors Were Singing “Hallelujah”, Then Celine Dion Shocks Them With A Surprise Entry

The Tenors, previously known as The Canadian Tenors, are a singing group from Canada. Each one of the members is blessed with an amazing voice, and when blended together, it sounds even more stunning. They have travelled a lot to perform in many places, and the following video also shows one of their stunning performances. This was done for a televised concert, and they really outdid themselves with this performance. It even had a surprise in the end!

The Tenors were onstage, and they were there to perform a stunning rendition of “Hallelujah”. The classic song, first written and performed by Leonard Cohen, was brought to fame after being covered by Jeff Buckley. Since then, so many artists have covered the song, but there is something special about this rendition. The Tenors were so deeply immersed in their performance that they had no idea who came up from behind them!

As they were singing the classic, they were totally surprised when Celine Dion came up from behind them to join in! Celine Dion, another famous and talented Canadian musician, certainly doesn’t need much introduction. She has the voice of an angel, and her impromptu performance with this gifted quartet was really breathtaking indeed! It must have been quite an experience for the quartet, to be surprised by one of the most iconic figures in the music industry!

The crowd must have had a blast with this performance! They got to see two hugely talented artists in one go, and it should have totally knocked them over!
Check out this amazing video below:

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