Teen Speaks Out His Horrifying Experience After Terrifying Shark Attack

I enjoy going swimming in the sea. Every time I go to the beach with my kids, they have their surfboards ready, and I let them enjoy themselves. But as a mother, I am extremely concerned about the dangers that this magical sea contains. Especially after hearing such news…

Hurricane Larry recently created a perfect storm by whipping up a strong surf at New Smyrna Beach in Florida. The same phenomenon that created good surfing waves also created a feast for local sharks.

“There’s a feeding frenzy that occurs on the beaches in the fall and as mullet and eventually other species of fish are moved out for the winter,” George Burgess, a researcher with the University of Florida’s shark research program, told Good Morning America.

Doyle Nielsen, a 16-year-old surfer, experienced the unavoidable result while on vacation in a video shared earlier this week. A shark approached him as he paddled, waiting for a wave, and bit his arm. Nielsen didn’t realize he’d been attacked by a shark at first. Watch the actual footage here:

“It felt like someone on their surfboard had come full speed directly at me and hit me super hard,” Nielsen said. “And then after somebody had yelled, ‘There’s a shark, get out of there,’ I realized what it was.”

Fortunately, the shark was small, the bite caused only minor injuries, and Nielsen shared his plans to return to the water — a little battered, but a lot wiser this time.

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