Teen Invited Onto Live TV. Moment He Belts Out 1st Verse Of “Hallelujah”, Audience Goes Hauntingly Silent

Some individuals bloom into their talent later in life. In contrast to others, who astonish their crowds early on their age. Similar to our youngest singer to sign with Sony Music, Straalen McCallum.

Though he has turned 18-year old now, his musical path begins when he was just ten-years-old. When other kids his age were enjoying their summer camps, the toddler made a decent living with his outstanding vocal skills.

And soon enough, he was releasing singles and gaining the popularity he deserved. In order to help the kid grow, Australia’s Channel 7 The Morning Show invited him to perform a Christmas song. Many individuals do walk in skeptical when you hear a toddler singing in such a magical voice on tv.

However, once he begins singing on the live show. The crowd went dead silent, mesmerized with the tenor in his vocals and the ranges he could achieve. Furthermore, the song was not an easy one. It is one of the classics, “Hallelujah,” and it is truly magical. Straalen can play guitar and even drums now. Isn’t that amazing? To see someone follow their passion so up close. Kindly share your thoughts in the feed.

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