Teen Working in Bakery Pays for Cop’s Brownie – Couple Watching Try to Get Him Fired

Zachary Randolph learned to obey law enforcement from his mother. Randolph is a student who works during the weekend at the Great American Cookie. He is a hard-working man and serves well to the customer. While he was in his work shift, he kindly offered a brownie cake to a police officer because of his risky work. The police officer also happily appreciates his sweet gesture.

Later, a couple asked him to provide them free orders, as he did earlier. Randolph convinces them he is self-paying for the police officer and he constraint money. Despite his clarification, the couple gets pissed off and threatened him to fire from his job. Later, he was suspended without pay from his work due to the incident. He was also informed of termination as well.

Randolph’s mother expresses this misbehavior in social media, and soon it was viewed and shared by thousands of people. His story came across many media outlets. Then, the bakery manager visited Randolph house and asked him to continue his work and also regretted about the disobedience happened with him. However, Randolph was happy to join, and soon, he continued his worked in Great American Cookie.

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