Cheeky Teens Make This Homeless Man Dance And Bark For ‘Fun’ Until Strangers Confront Them

The 150 million and above people around the world react differently when coming in contact with homeless persons. Some could offer monetary assistance, some like NGO’s offer more than monetary assistance while some others just walk away. But it gets worse when such persons are abused, humiliated and a made to do irrational things for fun or social media usage.

This Video made by WWYD aims to shows how several people react to the act of bullying the homeless. A supposed homeless man was bullied by three teens. The teens stretched a dollar bill to the homeless man and told him to kneel and beg for the money, the man complies, they went further to make the homeless man repeat after them “I am a loser”.

This act caught the attention of two women who initially watched and walked away until they heard the teens telling the homeless man to bark like a dog. They couldn’t take it anymore, they marched over to the obnoxious teens, confronted them and asked them to stop. They further threatened to film them and put the video on news as a way of punishing them and preventing them from getting into colleges. In another scene, a couple was about to call the cops to get them arrested when they were told it was acted.

The homeless should not be bullied. They should be helped instead. Although it was acted, I couldn’t control my tears when watching it. What exactly would be your reaction to this be?

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