Every Day, Teacup Poodle Rides Elevator on Her Own as Part of a Heartwarming Mission

Dogs are loyal, friendly companions of humans. The domestication tracks way back to the old times when they were attracted by leftover food. And the rest is history. Now almost everyone rejoices in having pets around.

Apart from being a great help to the law of our countries as K9 dogs. They are also a great aid in the recovery process for long-term illness, such as Nala’s story. The teacup poodle is known for her comforting relationship in a nursing home. A mood buster, you might say.

Doug Dawson, a caregiver at the Lyngblomsten Care Center in Minnesota, came up with a beautiful idea. He brought his lovely pet to his work. Rather than staying idle, she wandered from room to room. She was filling the room with joy and laughter. Since that day, she is part of the care home. Every morning, she wakes up with her owner and comes to work.

Not just that, the small poodle is capable of sensing who is sick and runs to their room first. Even on the elevator, she waits for a rider and goes along from floor to floor in order to comfort her friends.

During a 90-year-old resident’s final seconds, the poodle stayed with her throughout the process. “She’s an angel. I love her, and she loves me,” said Inez Gugisberg. Her impact on the nursing home staff and residents is phenomenal.

Please watch the video and do share your thoughts on the matter. And even on the idea of pets as your retirement friends.

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