Heartwarming Video Shows Teacher Doing Secret Handshake With All His Students

We, as students, can no longer adopt the traditional approaches of teaching and learning process. Today’s youngsters, commonly known as ‘Generation Z,’ need an intimate connection with the teacher. The relationship can be through a dance, a song, or any other common interests. This teacher decides to win the hearts of his students by having signature handshakes with a dance.

Moreover, this small act of friendliness is to make the students enthusiastically attend classes. He wants to have a quick refreshment activity with the children before getting into a dull academic session ahead. It’s also a sign of understanding between the student and the teacher as he remembers every single handshake. He has formed individual bonds with the students, which makes them feel special.

As a teacher, if you cannot maintain a personal relationship of some sort with the students, education will only be rote learning. They cannot enhance their creativity and analysis skills. It’s necessary to have a teacher like him in a school who can break the stereotypical stigma and try a new interactive approach to teaching.

WATCH this video below:

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