For Over 50 Yrs Teacher Keeps an Empty Chair in Middle of Classroom to Teach Students Important Lesson

Some experiences in our life remain unforgotten. Things are never the same after we experience something devastating or heartbreaking.

The thing about some unfortunate events is that you really have to learn how to cope with them and learn a good lesson from them. This story will melt your heart. Dan has been a school teacher for 50 years. One thing he has always done when it’s his class is that he keeps an empty chair in the middle of the class. This takes us back to his childhood days when he had a black friend, Archie.

Archie and Dan were best of friends and they went to a party once. This is where the owner of the house, a woman, did not allow Archie in saying there were not enough chairs. When Dan offered to sit on the floor or just bring an extra chair, she straight up refused to let in a black boy in her house.

Today, Dan just wants to make everyone feel invited and no chair will never be an excuse for someone to feel unwelcomed. Watch the full video below!

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