A Child Died Within 1 Hr After Swimming in a Public Swimming Pool. Parents Should Not Miss This!

Cassandra Jackson of South Carolina did not discern any signs of poor health in her son when she walked home with him after a day of swimming in the public pool. In the afternoon, he told her that he was sleepy. When she noticed that he had been sleeping for a long time, she decided to check on him. But as it turns out, Johnny had passed away in his sleep.

Medical examiners say that it was a case of asphyxiation by way of drowning. It is shocking, but it is not unheard of. The video below calls in dry drowning. Johnny suffered a lung injury in the pool and the effects were delayed as he could not get enough oxygen to breath properly. Parents must always keep a close on their kids when they are out swimming and matters like these should not be taken lightly. It may cause you to lose your child’s life.

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[ytvid id=”5CJ31MQjI4k”]

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