Hungry German Shephard Finished His Share but Realises His Sister’s Bowl is Full

It’s always lively and fun when you have a pet in the house, especially if the pet is a dog. They are so loving and playful, and fill your home with laughter and love. If that wasn’t enough, they are so loyal to you! All they want in return is love, playtime and some yummy treats. If you have a dog, or have been around dogs for a long time, you know how far they can go for a few treats! They are very driven by food and don’t think twice about chowing down anything edible before them.

But as with anything, there are always a few exceptions. It is a good idea to train your dog to be self-controlled with food. This makes them easier to handle, and you can also use it to show them that you are the boss in the house. It is especially essential for bigger breeds to understand this, as a disobedient dog that is as big as you is very bad! The German Shepherd in the following video is a perfect example of a well-behaved dog. You won’t believe what he does during his mealtime!

When it was time for his meal, this German Shepherd remained very calm. Like a good dog, he didn’t jump, bark or get excited during mealtime. This man had two dogs in the house, and the Shepherd seemed to be older one. It didn’t take a lot of time for him be done with his meal. Despite that, he didn’t try sneak more food from his sibling’s bowl. His discipline is amazing, don’t you agree?

Check out the full video below:

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