Dog Adopts 10 Orphaned Chicks After They Show Up in Family’s Backyard

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend. However, these friendly canines don’t discriminate when it comes to different species! Moreover, they seem to be able to make a friend out of anyone. But this dog went one step forwards and adopted a clutch of baby chickens!

Bailey is a half Coyote and half Golden Retriever! This makes an interesting type of dog, as coyotes are usually found in the wild. But luckily, in Bailey’s case, the friendliness of the lovely Golden breed shines through. And when she finds a litter of 10 chicks in the yard, she adopts them immediately!

dog and chicken babies

One beautiful morning, the feathered flock came to the yard of Bailey’s owner. Moreover, there was no sign of the mother anywhere! Fortunately, Bailey was there to save the day and got an instant liking for the bunch. She rolls over to her stomach happily as the chicks cuddle and chirp around their new guardian. Furthermore, she even nuzzles and sniffs each of them to see if they’re safe. Awww!

Watch the adorable video below:

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