A Crying Mother Got Surrounded By Strangers In An Airport – This Is What Happened Next!

A young pregnant mother got into a messy situation when her toddler started acting up at the LAX airport. And we know how hard parenting really is, let alone boarding a flight alone with a fussy child!

However, a woman recognized the situation and went up to help her. A few other women decided to accompany the crying mother and formed a circle around her. The women started to distract the toddler while others helped the pregnant mother compose herself.

In a Facebook post, one of the women mentioned that everyone that helped was a stranger to each other. In fact, the only ones that helped were women who tried to look into the situation deeply. Thankfully, the LAX airport had such kind and understanding passengers on that day.

This act of kindness helped the young mother get into the flight safely on time. Please Read her whole story down below!

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