Pregnant Dog Refused To Deliver Her Pups, The Reason Behind It Will Bring You To Tears

Chris and Mariesa love dogs. One day, the kind couple encountered a shelter dog called Storie at their county kennel. The pooch was pregnant with 12 puppies. Chris thinks that shelters are not the best place for having little ones. He says it is not only stressful for the mama, but also the pups. So they decided foster Storie and take her home with them.

After setting her up with a comfortable bed, they waited for Storie to go into labor. They thought it would take at least a few days, but just some hours after she was removed from the county kennel, she went into labor. 18 hours after her rescue, Storie delivered all of her 12 pups. Chris and Maries handled the whole situation extremely well. In a couple of weeks, the puppies became active. All 12 of them were adopted into loving homes. Wait till you see what life had in store for Storie.

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