Aussie guy lets huntsman spider take on cockroach after finding both in bathroom

Battle, conflict, and protest naturally pop up because of the impossibility of people to agree on everything all the time. People disagree and engage in battle for different reasons. George Patton sees battle as the most magnificent competition a man indulges in to brings out all that is best in him.

Credit: Benanaman

Is battle meant for humans alone? No, animals also fight and It can be interesting to watch the battle with one another over territories and several other things. Today’s video is about the creepy crawlies’ battle in Ozzy Bogan bathroom.

The two contenders are the huntsman spider and the bloody cockroach. Although there is no information about who got there first, it is clear from the video that the bathroom belongs to none of them. Ozzy still had his basket of clothes there. He had probably used the bathroom some hours earlier. So, why are they both battling for a territory that isn’t theirs?


Come to think of it. Which of this crawlies do you think is best to keep at home? One of the pages of Steve Irwin’s ‘Bloody Legend’ book did educate us on the benefit of creatures like spiders.

Huntsman spider, in particular, is harmless to man but if you are an insect, run very fast for your life. Huntsman spiders feed on insects around the house. Roaches, on the other hand, does no good to your food. They wallow in filth could cause food poisoning if opportune to skitter across your slice of pizza.

Credit: Benanaman

In today’s video, Benanaman, the one in charge here today has seen an opportunity to feed his friendly neighborhood spider with the bloody cockroach. After all, cockroaches are not wanted around. He is very eager to see the spider devour the cockroach. “I’m gonna demonstrate why huntsman spiders are so cool that they’re worth keeping around,” he says.

Here is what Bananaman did.

Credit: Benanaman

He picked the bloody cockroach put it right in front of the spider. The cockroach was swift to move away but the bloody huntsman was like lightning. The spider, though, makes a curving run over the tissues and smashes the insect with extreme prejudice. It kills it, holding it in place for a while for fear it losing it to the bloke in the bathroom in the attempt he tries to steal it.


Benanaman who was present in the bathroom to watch and capture the moment signed off with a statement that compares roaches and spiders: “Spiders are friendly. They won’t crawl on you. They have manners. Cockroaches? Cockroaches will crawl over your face when you’re asleep. They have no manners.”

On an ending note, stop getting rid of spiders in your house. Spiders are your friends; they cause you no harm. Their presence keeps other bugs in check. Allow them and you are sure to stop complaining about the invasion of other deadly bugs.

They feed on them and you are free for life. So, just let them be. Won’t you?