Cat Finds Defenseless Baby Rabbit, Makes Move Even Her Owner Never Saw Coming

Cats are incredible creatures. Despite acting cold and aloof most of the times, these tiny felines actually have a lot of love to share. Just take for example, Snaggle Puss. The adorable mama cat gave birth to her litter, then she went on to care for not only them, but another little baby she came across. That’s right! Snaggle Puss ended up adopting a tiny bunny rabbit as her own. She added the abandoned baby to her group, and has been taking care of the little girl along with her kittens.

Rather than attacking the defenseless baby rabbit, Snaggle Puss followed her maternal instinct and decided to care for it instead. She cared for and groomed the rabbit just like she would her own babies. Even when her humans try to get close to the rabbit, she closely follows them, picks her up by her fur, and takes her back to the nursing box just like she does with her kittens. This unlikely bond that has formed between this mama cat and her baby rabbit has gone viral on the internet and has managed to melt many hearts.

Snaggle Puss’ family named the rabbit Bubbles and they decided to keep her with the kittens until she was healthy enough to roam the house by herself. Thanks to the loving cat, the previously abandoned rabbit got a second chance at life. She will grow up to be a healthy and happy rabbit. Watch this amazing story below. What did you think about this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on the comments section.

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