5 Girls Throw Together Epic Irish Jig Dance Routine and It’ll Make You Day!

When you are a kid, slumber parties are the best thing in the world. You get to watch movies, gossip, and hang out with your best friends all night long! Moreover, when you have similar interests, time just seems to slip away. But these five girls took sleepovers to a whole new level!

All young girls have a phase where they want to be a dancer. Some girls join cheer or dance around at school recitals. But for these five girls, they love Irish Jig! Although this is a more traditional folk dance, it is still lively and fun. And to change it up a bit, the girls came up with the choreography all on their own. And it looks almost professional!

sleepover irish jig

Wearing matching pink pajamas, the girls all line up in the living room. As “Shut Up and Dance With Me” by Walk The Moon starts playing, they come to the camera all in sync. Showing their fancy footwork, they all take a lap in the room then proceed to do individual stunts. I can’t believe that this is a homemade dance that the girls made right then and there! Watch the talented girls dance below:

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